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Admission Open for Class XI & XII (Arts & Science)

Thanks to today’s technology!
Students seeking admission into Class XI (Arts & Science Stream) and Class-XII (Arts & Science Stream) can do admission online on our newly launched Admission Portal. The Admission portal can be accessed any time, any where, any device which has normal internet connection.

How to do online Admission

  1. Visit this link to register yourself in the Admission Portal.
    (Admission Portal-a in register turin Link -ah hian lut rawh)
  2. Fill up the required fields and submit the registration form.
    (Registration forma dahkhah ngai dah khat la, submit roh)
  3. You will get OTP in your registered mobile and Email. Use the OTP to activate your account.
    (I mobile no hmanah khan OTP sms i dawng ang a, i account tihnun nan i hmang dawn nia)
  4. Once your account is activated, you can sign into the admission portal.
    (I account activated a nih tawh chuan Admission portal-ah hian i sign-in thei tawh ang)

Step to Update your Details in the Admission Portal

  1. Sign into the admission portal by visiting this link.
    (I Account activated a nih tawh chuan Admission portal-ah link hmang hian i duh hun hunah i sign-in thei ang.)
  2. Once you see your dashboard, click on the Admission Form menu and click Application Online
    (I sign-in hnu chuan i dashboard-ah Admission form submit-na tur a lo awm ang. I application status leh fee payment status te a awm nghal bawk a ni. Duh chuan Admission form menu hnuaia Application Online menu-ah lutin Admission form hi hmuh theih a ni bawk)
  3. Fill up the form and upload the required documents such as Marksheet and Certificate (TC).
    (Admission form i hawn chuan fillup tur leh document upload tur te a lo awm ang. Document Upload ngei ngei ngai chu Marksheet leh Certificate) TC a ni)
  4. At the bottom left of the form, click on the picture placeholder to upload your photo. Without passport photo, you cannot submit your admission form.
    (Form veilam hnuai berah khan mihring lem [Picture Placeholder] a awm a, kha mi kha i click chuan i passport photo i upload thei ang. Passport photo hi i upload tel loh chuan form kha submit theih a ni lo bawk a ni.)
  5. Finally click on the submit button.
    (A tawp berah chuan i submit tur data chu uluk takin ennawn leh la, document i upload tel te pawh a size a lian lutuk em tih te en uluk a tha hle. Tichuan submit button kha i click thei ang. I submit hian Internet chak dan azirin a process chhung a rei ve deuh mai thei a. A tlem berah minute 5 thleng emaw te nghak la, chumi hma chuan submit success message i phone leh i email-ah i dawng mai thei bawk a ni. A process a rei viau a, message i dawn loh chuan i net chhiat vangin timeout i lo pe tihna a nih theih bawk avangin net chak hunah submit tha leh ang che. I form submit hi school-in rang takin a lo check nghal ang a. Tha a tih chuan a lo approve ang. Tichuan fee pekna i hmu nghal bawk ang.)

We will review your form and acknowledge you accordingly. If your admission is approved, you will be notified by email and sms and you can pay the admission fee.

Admission tih dan Mizo Tawngin




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